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Connector and Adaptor Options
We offer a wide range of popular terminations for the most popular cable types. It is impossible to list all of our options so call and see if we have what you are looking for!
  • PL-259:
    RG-58, RG-8, RG-8x, BR-200, BR-240, UG-175
  • BNC:
    RG-58, RG-8, RG-8x, RG-174, BR-200, BR-240
  • N-Type:
    RG-58, RG-8, RG-8x, LMR-400, BR-200, BR-240
  • SMA:
    RG-58, BR-200, BR-240, RG-142
  • TNC:
    RG-58, LMR-400, BR-200, BR-240, RG-174
  • mini-UHF:
    RG-58, RG-8x, BR-200, BR-240
  • Other options available!
Some RF Coax Connectors
We also offer Adapters between most of these common connector types.
Call or stop by to learn more!